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The use of this product is for people over 18 years


Material: Hema

Diameter: 14,20

Base curve:8.60

Power: 0.00

Water content:40%

six months disponible colour contact lenses 


Our lenses are designed to blend in with your natural eye color, providing bright eyes and a enhanced  look. However, the effect by the colored contact lenses may vary depending on the original color of your iris.


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Customer Reviews

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Really prettyyy !!The lenses look beautiful. They don't look as pixelated as most of the lenses I've used before. My only complaint is that it somewhat feels like it's sucking the air out of my eye at times, but I've been using some rewetting drops for them to make my eyes feel better (and it kinda helps). Maybe I just have sensitive eyes but it's not too much of an issue since I still manage to wear them. When it comes to shipping, I'm pretty satisfied . Get ready for a whole lot of compliments because people will be drawn to your eyes.


Stunning!! First pair of contact lenses I've ever tried so I can't really compare it to anything but they look so pretty. I have pretty much jet-black eyes and the brown covers them up perfectly. Super comfortable, have worn them for about 8-10 hours on end and no irritation occurred.


MYSTERIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL!!These were my very first pair of colored contacts and I am OBSESSED. They make me look like a totally different version of myself! I love that they’re more on the natural side(light brown and normal diameter size) and that they don’t make me look like an alien, lol. I’d totally recommend!


So very nice They're very nice and natural and they give my dark brown eyes more dimension. I really like these contacts


Woohoo! It is the first time that I have contacts to use! These are not too big and have a very natural light brown color. I get so many compliments every time I use them! They are very comfortable and a very good initial contact option for anyone who wants to dive! I really recommend these! It's been a year since I used them and I still love them, but it's time to let them go ... I want to try different contacts, but I will definitely buy them back in the future! I love this pair