grey colored contacts for dark eyes that look natural
Grey olive
Natural grey colored contact for dar eyes
super natural grey colored contact lenses
super natural grey colored contact lenses
super natural grey colored contact lenses For brown eyes
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Best grey colored contacts for brown eyes
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Realistic colored contacts for brown eyes
The best grey colored contact lenses for dark brown eyes

Grey olive

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The use of this product is for people over 18


Material: Hema

Diameter: 14,20

Base curve:8.60

Power: 0.00

Water content:40%

six months disponible colour contact lenses 


Our lenses are designed to blend in with your natural eye color, providing bright eyes and a enhanced  look. However, the effect by the colored contact lenses may vary depending on the original color of your iris.


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Customer Reviews

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I was really excited when I ordered these contacts and thought they would come in 3-4 days, but they came the next day to buy them wow! that was fast! They look more blue than gray, which I prefer because it looks better, however yesterday, as I was putting them on, I realized I had broken the edge. Therefore, you should be very, very careful when putting them on or taking them off because they are very thin, which feels better on your eyes. I would definitely recommend shopping at


I love the way these lenses make my brown eyes look gray! However it is a big problem to put them on. They are soooo soft. They fold in half all the time and it took me 40 min to put each lens on! Maybe the reason is that I'm not experienced enough.


Colors are gorgeous and the lenses are thin and comfortable i get so many comments on my contacts! they are very authentic looking and most people just assume they are my actual eyes. the looks are so natural, i love it!!


So I wasn’t sure if these contacts were worth it until I purchased them. I don’t usally give reviews but let me tell you about these contacts they are AMAZING I swear they said they where going to come in 2-3 DAYS but they came in 1 DAY (ORLANDO FLORIDA) they are sooo light and natural. I really recommend them to anyone doubting these contacts.


Got these in the mail today - super fast shipping! Getting them in was a struggle, as I'm a first-time contact user, but once in, they are quite comfortable to wear. The colour is super nice and suits me well. It's a fun change from my natural brown eyes.